Being Elena Ferrante (#Searchingelena)


Elena Ferrante is an anonymous Italian novelist [allegedly from Naples]. Ferrante is the author of a half dozen novels, the most celebrated of which is Days of Abandonment (originally published as I giorni dell’abbandono in 2002). Critics have praised her for her “devastating power as a novelist” and for a style that is “pleasingly rigorous and sharply forthright.”

The Boston Globe said, “Everyone should read anything with [Ferrante’s] name on it.” (from Wikipedia)

Who is Elena Ferrante ? What is (or has been) Elena Ferrante’s role in the strange game of reflections (deliberate or accidental) between cinema, literature, and intellectual circles? “Screening Elena” transforms into “Being Elena” each time an investigative hypothesis is examined, temporarily turning each suspected author into Ferrante herself, bringing to the question: is Ferrante one single author or many? Is there an authentic person behind this mask or, in a way, are we all Elena?The documentary is a feminine “on the road” film, moving across Italy and landing to New York, the city that lies between old and new intellectual universes. New York is also the city of writers and readers, the city with two pasts (the latter being more recent than the former) where the border between new world and province(s) is located.

The search eventually lands back in Naples, sorta new Ithaca in this Odyssey. Naples is the City of the Eternal Return, The Great Mother, the center of a creativity dead and reborn, painfully, ambiguously alive. Naples is also the city of women struggle for social emancipation, against a centuries old culture of subtly pervasive machismo. Elena is Naples and Naples is Ithaca. This documentary Odyssey is a stubbornly challenging travel across this author production, exploring the unspeakable mystery of the pop literature through what is now a cult author, a ghost, a popular writer in the most classic meaning, somehow epic in meaning of the return to the origins. In the quest for the identity of the writer another character will show up: the searcher, the woman that decided to go after her, the blogger, the puppeteer of words and emotions that lies the thin red thread between searched and searcher. To the sponsors, supporters, patrons, who will make this docufilm possible, together with my eternal and passionate gratitude will be also granted the possibility of an online preview, direct access to the tons of film preparation documents produced during the research phase, deleted/unedited scenes, and free access to presentations, screening and promotional events (where we will keep searching Elena, the one that is us, and the one that will never be).


My name is Laura Petrazzuolo. I’m an italian blogger and I’m searching people who want to participate to this project. I’d like to share with you my research. I need money for a crowdfunding project.



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